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HYCOOL IT collaborates with Sister Projects to create synergies!


Artificial-Intelligence-Augmented Cooling System for Small Data Centres

ECO-Qube is a holistic management system that aims to enhance energy efficiency and cooling performance by orchestrating both hardware and software components in edge computing applications. ECO-Qube is a data-driven approach that utilizes valuable unused data from active data centre components. Created big data is being used by an artificial intelligence augmented system which detects cooling and energy requirements instantaneously. ECO-Qube offers a zonal heat management system which benefits from Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to adapt the cooling system for the best airflow and cooling performance with minimum energy consumption. Moreover, ECO-Qube realizes smart workload orchestration to keep the CPUs at their most energy-efficient state and maintain the thermal equilibrium to reduce overheating risk.


Holistic Energy Management And Thermal Wate Integrated System For Energy Optimization

The project’s initial objective is analyse the thermal management challenges of various representative user cases with considerable IT load in tertiary buildings, and theoretically validate solutions for their challenges, based on advanced liquid cooling technologies and holistic control mechanisms. Later in the project, the main objective will shift to a prototyping phase, doing a trial-and-error process on integrating hardware and software solutions into the energy management system of the 4 pre-defined use-cases, optimising integrated and minimal waste thermal management on a building level, whilecreating and sharing valuable data for future upscaling, standardisation, and awareness building.


Immersion cooling & advanced materials for heat recovery from data centers

Data centres are among the major contributors to global energy consumption, while the majority of the supplied energy is conversed to heat. As data centres surge, so does the need for efficient solutions to counter the environmental toll of these energy-intensive hubs. The EU-cofunded project MODERATOR focuses on the improvement of the efficiency and sustainability of data centres by developing an integrated system based on immersion cooling combined with a novel waste heat recovery and thermal energy storage system, using phase-change materials, and a multilayer insulation system. The major outcome is the operation and demonstration of a fully automated integrated prototype combining a 40kW immersion cooling and a 500kWh thermal energy storage system for waste heat recovery and seasonal storage.


Thermochemical storage Utilization eNabling Data centre seasonal Energy Recovery

The THUNDER project aims to overcome existing barriers hampering a wide adoption of data centreswaste heat recovery strategies, providing an innovative, efficient and cost-effective Seasonal Thermal storage based on Thermochemical Materials. THUNDER solutions stretch across the value chain (data centre innovative storage providers, heat pump manufacturers and district energy company operators). The THUNDER solutions will be validated in field conditions at the Demosite in Bulgaria where the practice of waste heat recovery from data centres is not widely diffused thus boosting the market also in those areas. A deepened replicability assessment will be done and prefeasibility analysis developed in 10 further Demosites across all over Europe.

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