Conditions of Use – Legal Advice

(Last modified: February 2024)

1. Presentation and identification of the CONTROLLER

The project is coordinated by POLITECNICO DI MILANO (POLIMI), with legal address at PIAZZA LEONARDO DA VINCI 32, 20133, MILANO Ital, hereinafter the CONTROLLER.

2. Description of activity

Through this website, the CONTROLLER wishes to inform you about HYCOOL IT project activities and services. The CONTROLLER may, depending on the development and progress of the company and the sector, extend its website to include new services, activities or contents, in order to improve the services and quality of the service provided. Conversely, the CONTROLLER also reserves the right to cancel, modify, substitute or restrict the contents, services or activities, expressly and without prior notice to the users.

If you have any questions about these General Conditions, please contact us at

3. Acceptance of General Conditions and use of the website

The use of this website is regulated by the following General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the GENERAL CONDITIONS). Please read them carefully, as access to this website and use of its contents implies full acceptance of them.

Access to this website and the information contained herein is completely free of charge, without prejudice to the cost of the telephone connection and the means used to establish the connection.
However, on this website, you can find out about the different services that are offered by contacting the CONTROLLER; which will be provided according to the Specific Conditions agreed between the parties (hereinafter the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS).

We inform you that, in order to access the information on the website, we do not need your personal data. However, in the event that you make an online enquiry or make any arrangements related to the services offered or request any of the specific services offered through the website, it will be necessary to collect your personal data and, in this case, we ask you to carefully read our PRIVACY POLICY, which must also be read, understood and accepted.

By accepting this contract, you declare:

a. That you are of legal age and/or have the capacity to contract, in accordance with the general contracting laws of the State where you reside.
b.That you have previously read, understood and accepted the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the PRIVACY POLICY and, where applicable, the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS.

4. Changes to the GENERAL CONDITIONS

The information on this website and the services offered are continually changing and being developed to provide the best possible experience and value.

When something is altered that implies a change to the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS and/or the PRIVACY POLICY, said alteration shall be made, and shall be published and updated. Therefore, you are recommended to read all of them periodically and/or, above all, before concluding any contract.

The updated GENERAL CONDITIONS, SPECIFIC CONDITIONS and/or PRIVACY POLICY will be available on this website at all times.

The USER of this website shall accept such alterations from the moment he/she continues to use the website and/or the services provided.

5. Essential USER obligations.

All USERS, from the moment they begin to use the website and/or contract any of the services offered on it, are required to comply with the following essential obligations vis-à-vis third parties and the CONTROLLER:

a. To use the website without incurring in illegal or unlawful actions, or actions contrary to the provisions of the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the PRIVACY POLICY and, where applicable, the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS and their updates.

b. Not to damage, disable, overload or impair the website or prevent its normal use or enjoyment.

c. Not to make any attempt to infringe access levels, manipulate data, duplicate and export data or information protected by intellectual property or other legal rights, access restricted areas of the computer systems of the CONTROLLER or third parties, introduce programmes, viruses or any other device that causes or may cause changes to the computer system of the CONTROLLER or third parties.

d. To be familiar with the technical and legal requirements necessary for correct access to this website and, if applicable, the contracting of the products and/or services; which may involve the downloading of certain computer programmes or other logical elements onto their computer devices.

e. Not to use, link, disclose, assign or transfer to third parties in any way, the contents published on the website or any part of them, or in the information of the CONTROLLER, without the express prior written authorization of the CONTROLLER.

f. Not to damage the image of the CONTROLLER in any way, nor to perform any activity or make any comment that could damage the image and good name of any of the project’s partners.

g. To read, understand and, if you agree, accept the GENERAL CONDITIONS, the PRIVACY POLICY and, where applicable, the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS and their updates and, more specifically, the LINKS AND/OR COOKIES POLICY of the CONTROLLER.

6. Intellectual Property

This website, its contents and its logos are protected by E.U. and international intellectual and industrial property laws. The reproduction, distribution, communication, transformation and/or public disclosure and, in general, any other form of unauthorized use, by any means, of all or part of the contents of this website, its design, selection and presentation of the materials included herein is prohibited; the same being true of the brands and trade names included in this website. Such actions may only be carried out with the express prior written authorization of the CONTROLLER and provided that explicit reference is made to the CONTROLLER’s ownership of the aforementioned intellectual and industrial property rights.

By using the website and/or contracting the services, the USER does not acquire any right over them, simply being entitled to use them according to the provisions of these GENERAL CONDITIONS and/or, where applicable, the SPECIFIC CONDITIONS.

In the event that you, the USER, detect any activity that may infringe any intellectual or industrial property right or any other type of right, please notify us by sending a message to the following email address:

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