Hycool_IT first general assembly in Barcelona

During the 15th and 16th April we held the first general assembly in Barcelona. As the project is at its beginnings most of the sessions were dedicated to discussing technical issues on integration of BIM, simbots, and simulations. We also carried out discussions on simulation software and data center validation, campus energy audit and analysis. Also we talked about analysis of gas and electrical consumption and very important issue of the analysis of building energy consumption and performance assessment.

We held discussions on several important topics:

  • Waste Heat Integration and Energy Recovery Strategies
  • Discussion on MILP Control Strategy
  • Waste Heat Integration and Economic Assessment
  • Discussion on Server Virtualization and Digital Twin Implementation
  • Temperature and Humidity Management in Server Room
  • Discussion on Data Center Efficiency and Refrigeration System Improvement
  • Analysis of Weather Data and Simulation Parameters
  • Analysis of Building Energy Consumption and Performance Assessment

We have been exploring key questions such as:
* How can the mechanical cooling system be optimized for energy efficiency?
* What are the temperature and humidity ranges recommended for the internal environmental conditions of the data center?
* What is the status and architecture of the cooling system in the server room?
* How can waste heat recovery be implemented in the refrigeration unit?
* What is the current free cooling strategy and how does it impact waste heat recovery?
* What are the challenges and possibilities for waste heat integration with new generation thermal grids?

Keep tuned for more information and advances on the project.

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